Assessment tools that assess performance gaps in every category on the “High-Performance Sales Wheel” with the accompanying consulting to develop and implement targeted and sustainable sales performance solutions for your sales team (in multiple languages).

  • Sales IQ

  • Sales Management

  • Sales Coaching

  • Sales and Sales EQ

  • Hartman Sales Profile

  • Team Dynamics Report
  • Hartman Value Sales
  • Learning Styles

  • Team Dynamics

  • Integrated Behaviors

  • Critical Thinking
  • Sales Senior Leader Coaching

  • Sales Leader Coaching

  • Sales Effectiveness Coaching

  • Sales Training ROI Coaching

  • Sales Talent Management Coaching

  • Sales Performance Management Coaching

  • Sales Organizational Management Coaching

  • Sales and Marketing Alignment Coaching

Visionary Selling Strategic Account Revenue Acquisition Enhancement Training

Visionary Selling solves for sales performance challenges including…

  • Salespeople schedule meetings at their level of comfort instead of stretching to a high decision-making level.
  • Salespeople do not understand the operations or financial standing of accounts they call on.
  • Salespeople resort to a generic “pitch” of product features instead of asking targeted questions to understand the broader issues of the organization and what will happen if they’re not resolved.

Outcomes of Visionary Selling Opportunity-Based Coaching:

  • Monitored progress and potential results acquiring new Marquee Accounts with significant revenue potential
  • Elevated level of expertise to obtain and manage strategic customer
  • Expanded leadership to disseminate skills within team (See One, Do One, Teach One Model)

Sales Analytics Development and Enhancement

  • Predictive analytics
  • Channel, team, strategic and tactical scorecards
  • Forecasting analytics
  • Benchmarketing analytics